The Apes of Eden – Book 4 – The House of Solomon is Now Available

The Apes of Eden – Book 4 – The House of Solomon is now available on, and


HOS Front CoverThe House of Solomon, Book 4 of The Apes of Eden saga tells of a visit to literal Museum of Human Technology hosted by a mysterious hooded figure.  The author provides stunning detail and biting commentary on man’s unending quest for domination of the Earth.  Will it end in failure? Will the human race be the ultimate victor?

In the year 19067, a tribe of killer apes leaves Eden in search of God. They face evil creatures from Hell and Heaven alike.  The story is told in the words of Literate Louie, the Scribe of the Tribe.

A tribe of killer apes living an idyllic life in the Garden of Eden begins a monumental quest to search the post-apocalyptic Earth in search of God.  The Journey Begins is the first of a trilogy.  The Apes of Eden is written in iambic pentameter.  It is a humorous look at religion and philosophy through the eyes of an intelligent ape.

The Apes of Eden is written in rhymed iambic pentameter thus falling into the category called heroic couplets.  Each line has 10 syllables and the pairs of lines rhyme.

While many lines were written in 10 syllables in very early Latin, it was Geoffrey Chaucer who added the meter and originated iambic pentameter in the English Language which was further immortalized in many plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare.


Jon P. Gunn wrote The Apes of Eden over a period of many, many years beginning as a teenager. He read Spenser, Chaucer, Dante and Cervantes.   Many oddball philosophies, from solopsism to deism are explored and mocked. Allusions to a broad spectrum of myths and canons are made.

Jon never graduated from college even though he had twice the number of hours to graduate. He was too busy reading the great works of literature to bother. He shared his work with a friend. It is that man and his friend, Rick Lakin who are bringing you Jon’s work. We think it’s very good. We hope you do too.


The Apes of Eden heroically brings forth a heroic vision of the world, cast in perfect heroic couplets. Bravo! – Richard Lederer, author of 50 books, including Anguished English and Amazing Words.


“The author developed a story around spiritual restlessness using apes as his main characters as they travel through human history looking for God. ”

Larry Gray,


Cover Art by Annie Hobbs



This is an amazing and truly unique work.

Jim Bennett, Poet,


This is a must read for the “Literate Elite;” it is a classic in the making.

Sheila Dobbie, Author of Peach Cobbler for Breakfast,


Apes of Eden is elegantly crafted, whimsical, and witty.

Jennifer Calderón, Journalist


Thought-provoking symbolism, witty commentary on the human condition, and a sense of humor that will leave you chuckling throughout.

Lee Mabry, Boston University