Colo Inspired the cover of The Apes of Eden

Colo and I were about the same age.  I was a little less than four years older.  We were both born in Columbus, Ohio and the city was and is close to our hearts.  Colo died last night at the age of 60.   Growing up, I remember visiting Colo and what a big deal she was and how proud our city was that Colo was the first gorilla born in a zoo.


Colo 1956-2017 Jordan Steele Photo

When I was looking for inspiration to send to cover artist, Annie Hobbs, for Literate Louie, I sent her the above photo by Jordan Steele.   Annie responded with the wonderful cover for The Apes of Eden by Jon P. Gunn.   This book was the first book published by iCrew Digital Publishing in 2013.

Below are some of her early renderings: